Flagpole, Mailbox, Playground Installation and Maintenance
Do you need assistance with Flagpole, Mailbox or Playground Installation? We can help you!

We have all the tools and skills required to correctly install a beautiful flagpole, from ground preparation, to raising your flag. We can create a custom look that complements your existing landscape and home exterior.

We can install your flag into the ground, tree or wall.

Let us know about your flagpole installation needs we are here and ready to help.

Outside The Box always follows U.S. Postal Service's guidelines for the installation and placement of your new mailbox. We will help you find the perfect placement, the correct height and style.

Call us today with your mailbox needs and we will help get your mailbox up today!

Outside The Box will setup your new or used playground equipment. Our friendly team will listen to your needs and expectations to get you and your family the results you want.

After your playground equipment is in place, we can then maintain and keep your playground equipment clean to ensure the safety of your children.

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